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New Miter Saw Deals

Electrical power miter saws are intended to make angled cuts for moulding, trim operate, rafters and also other general carpentry programs. The saws also make straight crosscuts and, when equipped with the right

The biospecimen contract research market is projected to grow at a noteworthy pace till 2030, claims Roots Analysis

The report also features inputs from eminent industry stakeholders, according to whom, in terms of growth rate, biospecimen contract research services market is likely to witness a significant increase in the near future. The report includes detailed transcripts of discussions held with the following experts: Ramchandra Rao (Managing Director and Business Development Head, BioSpecimen Solutions) Oleg Granstrem (Director of Business Development, National BioService) The research includes profiles of key players offering a wide range of research services for the biospecimens across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Each profile features a brief overview of the company, details on its biospecimen related services offered, types of blood products offered, types of human tissues offered, types of other biospecimens offered, types of analytical services offered, types of samples offered, geographic availability of the services, recent developments and an informed future outlook. BioChain Institute BioIVT Creative Bioarray Discovery Life Sciences Infinity BiologiX Medicover National BioService Precision for Medicine PrecisionMed REPROCELL For additional details, please visit

Turkey builds the World's Longest Suspension Bridge

A construction project on the 1915 Çanakkale suspension bridge is in progress, and when the bridge completes, it will be the longest span suspension bridge in the world. The bridge will provide a new alternative to the Istanbul strait passage by connecting Gallipoli on the European side of Turkey with Lapke on the Asian side. It aims to boost economic potential and strengthen social ties in the region by improving freight transportation.

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